The flexible pricing model for
any company

With Ostendis, you simply pay when you use it. A simple pricing model without complicated price packages or subscriptions.

CHF 4.50

per day & per Ostendis Professional Edition account


same as
a morning coffee

The Ostendis pricing model - flexible & transparent

  • You pay only when needed
  • Not by number of employees or jobs
  • Full cost transparency
  • Payment against invoice (no credit card required)
  • No investment and installation costs
  • We do not know long-term contracts
  • No cancellation necessary
  • The first 100 days free of charge and without obligation

6 reasons to choose Ostendis


Easy central management of applications


Create and publish job advertisements


Receive applications via email and other channels


Certified Swiss quality


Secure cloud solution with Swiss data hosting


A fast and personal support team

Optional additional services

Ostendis Import-Service

Our import service integrates received applications and the most important data of your applicants directly into the system.

  • Import email applications
  • Import Ostendis CVdropper™ applications
  • Import paper applications
  • Recognition of the application language
  • Check the files for viruses
  • Preparing the data for efficient processing

CHF 0.70 per application import

Ostendis Multiposting & Reporting

Design your job advertisements in the company design at the click of a mouse and publish them on all proven job platforms.

  • Easy design of job advertisements
  • Publication of job advertisements directly from Ostendis
  • Publication on own company website
  • Publication on the known CH job platforms
  • Central overview of all publications
  • Greatly simplified job notification requirement
  • Performance reporting (KPIs) on job platforms and advertisements
  • Multiposting support (setup / operation)

CHF 0.50 per Ostendis Professional account

Ostendis Domain Integration

With Ostendis domain integration, you have the option of displaying job advertisements and the application form on your own URL. The advantages for your company:

  • Candidate:s remain on the same URL throughout
  • Strengthening search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Advertisements are indexed by Google directly as web content
  • Job ads are found better
  • Higher visibility on Google For Jobs
  • Advertisements can be tagged with a Google tag
  • Licensed company fonts can be used

CHF 500.- one time

HTML Job Ad Template

Our specialists will create an individual job advertisement for your company in your corporate design.

  • Analyse / Optimierung Ihrer bestehenden Stelleninserate
  • Create a template from current (PDF) advertisement
  • Template design according to your specifications
  • Optimization for web and mobile view
  • Google for Jobs and SEO optimization of your job ads
  • Implementation of images and videos
  • Remote training on how to use the template

CHF 500.- one time

This optional service includes the following on-site support:

  • Training of HR employees / line managers
  • Integration of your existing answer templates in Ostendis
  • Process consulting for the optimal use of Ostendis
  • Optimize the Ostendis configuration for your business
  • Integration of the Ostendis CVdropper™
  • Tips for using the JobPublisher™
  • The journey is included in the price and of course a welcome gift ... :-)

Special on-site training is not required in most cases. Our e-recruiting solution is designed to be very simple and intuitive, which is why personal introductory training is usually completely sufficient. You will not be charged for this.

CHF 600.- per ½ day

Maybe you are wondering now ...

Can two people in the HR department share an Ostendis Professional Edition account?
Yes sure! For small businesses, this can be recommended. However, both can not work at the same time.
Do other people such as line managers, need an Ostendis account?
Yes, but do not worry! If you forward an application to a person in the company, they will automatically receive an Ostendis Free-Edition account. Any number of such accounts can exist in your company, and as the name suggests, these are completely free.
We do not always have an open position to fill. Do we still pay for Ostendis in this recruiting-free period?
No, this is the big advantage of Ostendis over previous e-recruiting solutions! If you currently have no vacancies to fill, you can easily convert your Ostendis Professional Edition account into an Ostendis Free-Edition account. From this point on you will not pay any more for Ostendis. Your data will be retained and the functionality of your Ostendis account will be reduced. If you have another job to fill, you can convert your account back to Professional Edition with a mouse click.

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