This is how it works - E-Recruiting simplified.

Ostendis supports you throughout the entire recruitment process.

Find workers

Find quickly and simply the right professionals

Ostendis offers many helpful functions to advertise open positions in a targeted manner. Simply create professional job advertisements in your corporate design and publish them on all proven job platforms, social media channels or on your own website with the multiposting solution.

Receive applications

This is how easy it is for applications to reach you

With Ostendis you provide applicants with various application options. You will continue to receive applications by email, mail or via the Ostendis CVdropper™, a simple application form. Ostendis is thus the only e-recruiting system that does not require a form. The applications land quickly and securely in the system, with the most important personal data ready when they are opened. With the help of automatic job assignment & many other practical functions, you can easily manage incoming applications while maintaining an overview.

Professional recruiting communication

Communicate efficiently & personally with applicants

Confirmations of receipt are automatically sent to your candidates without any effort and you can handle mass rejections in no time at all. Store reply templates and send the e-mails personalized and time-delayed. This ensures smooth and professional applicant communication.

Efficient application management

View and manage all applications in one tool

Keep track of all applications received. These are sorted in a structured manner according to your vacancies. Handling within the team is intuitive. Simply forward applications to team members and find suitable candidates together. The brief assessment in the central overview makes it easier to select applicants and the chat function facilitates internal communication. Use the candidate pool to quickly access potential employees in the future.

Reporting in recruiting

Create detailed analyses of the positions to be filled

How many applications have you received for a position? How long did it take to fill the position? How effective are the respective recruitment channels? The Ostendis reporting tool provides you with answers to these questions in the form of clear graphics. Optimize future recruitment planning and your entire recruitment process. With the exciting evaluations, you can access your empirical values at any time and make data-based decisions. Evaluations of data such as time-to-hire, quality-of-hire or channel effectiveness are therefore child’s play.

Data security & data protection

We protect your data as if it were our own

At Ostendis, not only the server location but also the data sovereignty is in Switzerland. Your data is stored on our own servers, which we operate in a monitored data center. We therefore meet the strict guidelines for Swiss Hosting certification and carry the “swiss made + swiss hosting” label. We also protect you from hacker attacks with our secure cloud solution and check all incoming applications for viruses and Trojans.

You may be wondering now...

Ostendis is worthwhile for all companies. With our flexible “pay as you need” pricing model, you only pay when you use it. That’s why our e-recruiting system is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes and in all sectors, including seasonal businesses.

Our cloud-based e-recruiting solution is ready for use within two hours. All you need is Internet access.

Would you like to use the applicant data stored in Ostendis in other systems, e.g. in a personnel management solution? No problem! Ostendis offers an open standard interface (REST API) for exchanging individual applications or all data with any system.

Would you also like to recruit more quickly and easily in the future?

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