E-Recruiting - Evaluation and Use in SMEs

30 minutes of free Webinar followed by a question and answer session with our E-Recruiting specialist Tanja Suter.

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Tanja Suter

The spirit of optimism and many job seekers currently lead to a flood of Applications for many companies. The Recruitment process is often only partially digitized, which makes communication both internally and with job seekers difficult. An E-Recruiting solution would be helpful now, but it is complex to implement and expensive - according to the widespread opinion. We would be happy to show you that this is no longer the case in our Webinar with the following content:

  • Advantage of E-Recruiting for you and the job seekers
  • Practical example of an E-Recruiting process
  • Evaluation of an E-Recruiting system
  • Q&A with E-Recruiting specialist Tanja Suter

We look forward to your participation!